Medical Assistant Schools In Virginia

If you want to be a part of health sciences and choose a career in this field you are definitely making a good choice because this field pays off and in the coming years the experts have shown good signs for this profession. Students in Virginia can look for medical assistant schools in Virginia that are offering the medical assistant degree, diploma and certificate program but they should always be sure to find out about the accreditation of the institute because this plays an important role in the career of the student. Below are the most recommended Virginia medical assistant schools.

Westwood College

Westwood College is currently offering 35 programs in various fields through associate, bachelor, masters’ degrees and diplomas, and some of the most extensive medical programs in Virginia. The programs offered by the college cover the health sciences, design, technology, business, justice and industrial services’ fields. The campuses of the college are located in Texas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia, and an additional online campus for distance learning. The college has been operating successfully and giving direction to students’ career paths since 1953. Westwood College gets its accreditation nationally as well as for its individual campuses to make sure it backs up its students’ education with reliable accreditation.

The national accreditation by Westwood College has been received from Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The college is ready to accept and help students with various types of financial aids in the forms of grants, loans, scholarships and many others. Westwood College is offering an associate degree as well as a diploma in medical assisting career. The medical assisting diploma is a 12 months long program with extensive learning of various aspects of medical assisting including phlebotomy, medical terminology, minor surgical procedures, patient relations and many more.

The medical assisting associate degree is even more extensive and gives the students a chance to earn higher salaries in the field. Westwood College is one of the top choices in Virginia medical assistant schools for the students because they see the value in the program offered by this college. The name, reputation and accreditation of the college help students a great deal when they are being reviewed by their employers. The associate degree includes a long 165-hour learning through externship which is all performed in real medical facilities. The associate degree program is longer and comprises of 17 months of comprehensive, detailed and intense learning in the medical assistant field.

ECPI University

For anyone looking for medical assistant schools in Virginia, ECPI University is another great option for receiving reliable and accredited education in the field. ECPI University has been preparing students to face the challenges of various fields and excel for 45 years with its extensive learning and courses that meet the latest standards of time. ECPI University, as it never compromises on the quality of education, has its online campus offering various programs to students who can’t come to the campus for many reasons. Currently the university is offering online degrees in the fields of technology, business, criminal justice, health science and culinary arts.

ECPI is offering an associate degree in medical assisting and takes students through a detailed course stage by stage and level by level. The program is not just a small but not a very long one as offered by many other colleges and universities and being an associate degree it continues for 17 months in total. As stated on the website that 52% of students manage to complete their degree within 17 months. The total cost of the program for any student is around $26,734 and this price includes the costs on books and other supplies as well.

Students can apply for grants and loans to make the program even more affordable for them and in addition to the scholarships and grants the university is letting students benefit from the Federal Median Loans too. ECPI University covers many other health science related courses including the practical nursing program – another program with highly productive future for students. What makes ECPI University one of the most reliable institutes and medical assistant schools in Virginia is the accreditation it receives from Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


FORTIS is another well-recognized and highly reputable name among colleges and schools providing medical assistant programs in Virginia. FORTIS is also honored to have an online campus for students to acquire the studies of their favorite profession in a way that is most comfortable for them. The degrees offered online from FORTIS include programs that cover the fields of business, computer technology, hospitality, internet marketing and many more. The school is not limited to providing education in Virginia only but in addition to its online campus it has other campuses located in 15 states making it one of the most widespread institutes of Virginia.

Students who are interested in taking up the medical assistant course can go for the Norfolk campus of the college in Virginia or even the Richmond campus because they are both providing the medical assistant program. The program offered by the campuses is a diploma and associate degree, and the cost of the diploma program at the end would be around $14, 843 but students can always make the program more affordable for them by applying for financial aid which available for all the courses and programs. Cost for associate degree in medical assistant is $27,332 but the books and supplies need to be bought separately.

So, all the students who are seeking for career in medical field through medical assistant certification in Virginia are recommended to go for FORTIS. Accreditation has been obtained by the institute separately for all of its campuses and details for accreditation are given on the websites. The bodies that are included in the list of accrediting bodies for FORTIS include names: ABHES, COE, ACCET, ACICS and ACCSC. Lastly, the students of Virginia are lucky to have such great institutes located in the state that can provide them with the highest standards of medical and health science education at campuses and through online means.

Medical Assistant Schools In RI

There could be a hundred reasons why a person doesn’t become a physician but it is true that not everyone wants to become a physician too. However, those who still want to be attached to their favorite field of medical since it pays off well too, they can go for the medical assistant program. For students living in Rhode Island there are some really good options available to avail this type of education and the demand for medical assistants is also expected to grow. So, the students looking for medical assistant schools in RI can have a look at the list below.

Sanford Brown

Sanford Brown offers one of the most reliable medical assistant programs in RI for its reputation and the comprehensiveness of the program. This is important to mention that the history of Sanford Brown comprises nearly of one and half century. Since 1866 the school has been teaching students the best of what’s out there in business, healthcare and art and design. Even today the programs offered by Sanford Brown include allied health diagnostic, allied health technicians, dental, nursing, business & administrative and art & design programs. Of course, such a big name couldn’t emerge on top without accreditation.

Sanford Brown is fully accredited by Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education. There are dozens of other states where the Sanford Brown has its branches and campuses and they are all accredited by the accrediting bodies working in those states. Students studying at Sanford Brown are free to apply for financial aid to support their studies with grants, loans and other types of aids. FSEOG, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS, Federal Work Study and Private loans are available for students who think they might need financial help for continuing their studies.

Sanford Brown offers the Medical Assistant programs to all of its students and there are close to dozen campuses that are currently offering this program. The college has comprehensive courses and curriculum available for the program. There are other medical administration related programs offered by the school too. Surgical technology, medical office administration, medical practice management and medical billing and coding are just few of those programs. So for all the students who are and have been looking for medical assistant programs in RI, Sanford Brown might be the right choice to get a certificate in medical assistance field from an accredited schools.

Motoring Technical Training Institute

From the name of this institute it might seem that it is not offering any medical assistant programs in RI but Motoring Technical Training Institute is only aimed at growing and offering more to its students and medical assistant program is no exception. Known as MTTI, the institute has been around since 1985 and since then it has only been rising above with the highest standards of education and some of the most facilitating student services. Automotive service technician, building and property trades technician, computer service technician, HVAC/R technician, Marine service technician, motorcycle/power equipment technician, medical office administration and medical assistant are the programs offered by the institute at the moment.

Students applying for any course at the college are always encouraged to fill out the FAFSA form in order to get the financial aid for their education. Students can get financial aid in the form of free money and also in the form of grants once they have filled out the online form and submitted. Of course, the most important concern for any student in the world or one looking for medical assistant certification in RI is accreditation. The institute is fully accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Among many other RI medical assistant schools MTTI is probably the only one that allows its students to complete the program in as short as 7 months. Once the program is complete the students must sit in the Registered Medical Assistant Examination in order to obtain the certification for their practice. Students who cannot take the regular 5 classes a week can opt for the night classes too. However, opting for the night classes will prolong the program and it will be completed in 15 months, which is more than double of what it’ll require to complete with regular classes.

Lincoln Group Of Schools

Lincoln Group of Schools as clear from the name is not just one college one campus but a network of schools with its branches all over the country. Currently the school has its branches in 17 states of the country and the institute is only looking to grow in future. The first campus of the college opened in 1946 and this campus was in New Jersey. Since then the school hasn’t looked back and offered the best of contemporary education and is now among the best medical assistant schools in RI.

The school offers programs in a diversified range of professions including automotive, culinary, skilled trades, health sciences and many more. The school has maintained and will always maintain highest standards of education and thus it has obtained accreditations for all of its 40 campuses. The accreditation has been given to the schools from these accrediting bodies: ACICS, ACCSC, NEASC and ABHES. There is no way the school could operate without giving the facilities of loans to the students and thus it offers financial aid through federal and state grants, scholarships, student loans and alternative funding.

Of course the school is offering an extensive course for medical assistant certification in RI and the good news for students is that they can pick from various timings of the classes for their convenience. Students can take the regular day classes or pick afternoon and evening classes depending on their schedules. The training includes the laboratory experience with the best industry equipment in all laboratories. Just like other states, once the program has been completed by the student he/she will have to pass the RMA examination in order to step practically into the field and work with the physicians by assisting them in daily routine tasks.

Medical Assistant Schools In Ohio

If you are looking for medical assistant schools in Ohio you would be glad that Ohio is one of the states that have some great schools and colleges for medical assistant program. Many of the schools and colleges offer online education and distance learning to students who can’t come to the campus for studies too. The list of colleges and schools given below are offering some of the most comprehensive and extensive medical assistant programs in Ohio helping students in stepping into their practical medical assistant career with high hopes and confidence and with expected high salaries.

Daymar College

Daymar College is known for its medical assistant certification in Ohio since the college has campuses spread in many cities of the state. Furthermore, Daymar College is offering some of the programs through its online campus as well but the medical assistant program is not currently included in the list. The college has been training students for various fields and professions since 1963 and since then it has made a great name in the state for its quality of education and uncompromising courses. It has a total of 13 campuses located in various cities and locations within the state.

Besides Ohio the college has most of its campuses located in Kentucky and these are the two states that the college is currently focusing. By uncompromising standards of education we mean the maintaining of all the aspects of the education and studies that play any role in the professional careers of students. To assure the quality of education at the college, it has been accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The medical assistant program is offered at all of the Ohio campuses thus Daymar College is spreading a network of medical assistant schools in Ohio along with Kentucky.

The medical assistant program at Daymar College is divided into two branches; administrative track and clinical track. For both, the administrative and clinical track, the college is offering diploma, certificate and associate degree so the students have a lot to choose from. This is probably one of the very few Ohio medical assistant schools that are offering this program with so many options. The different programs within medical assistant niche vary from 72 credit hours to 96 credit hours making the program either 15 months or 18 months long. There is a detailed document for each course on the website for fees and costs.

Everest Group Of Schools, Colleges And Universities

Everest is not only known for medical assistant schools in Ohio but its branches are spread throughout the country. It is probably one of the widest and the largest group of schools and colleges spread in the country with institutes located in 23 states with multiple locations within the same state. Everest takes it a notch higher with its online education program as well so the students who want to study from home can do that. Everest is currently offering around 17 programs through its online campus including bachelors, masters and associate degrees.

The college is known for offering the best facilities to its students in terms of class timings, program choices and other student services. There are evening, day and part time classes available along with financial aid for students who need it to carry on with their professional ambition. The campuses are located all over the country so accreditation is obtained individually for each campus. The Ohio campus has been accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. The medical assistant program being offered at the Ohio campus is a diploma in medical assistant.

The total cost of the medical assistant program at Ohio campus of Everest is currently states as $16173 and this includes the costs of the books and other supplies as well. A brochure of the program can also be downloaded from the website for students who are looking to get enrolled in the program seriously. Any students, who are currently looking for medical assistant schools in Ohio with accreditations and trustworthy educational programs, will love to be a part of Everest. Financial aid is available for students so they can make the program even more affordable for them and students looking for other programs than medical assistant can go to the online campus.

Harrison College

Harrison College is another impressive addition to the Ohio medical assistant schools. It offers a wide range of programs in the fields of veterinary technology, health sciences, information technology, business, criminal justice and culinary arts through diplomas, degrees, certificates and associate degrees. The college has multiple campuses, precisely 12, located in Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana and some courses are offered through the online campus as well. Harrison College receives its accreditation from Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools.

The good news is that Harrison College is one of the very few colleges and universities that are currently offering medical assistant certification in Ohio through the online campus as well. The medical assistant program offered at the Columbus, Ohio campus of the college is an associate degree. Other fields covered by the campus are business and criminal justice however at other locations the certificate and diploma of the same program are also available. The website provides detailed information about the career path in medical assistant field and its increasing demand in the market in the coming years.

Once the program has been completed by the student he/she will be well-versed in the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, computers and office automation, laboratory procedures, basics of billing and coding and much more. The college has taken a very intelligent approach of dividing the complete medical assistant associate degree into four blocks where each block is meant to familiarize the student with various aspects of the program. Tuition by quarter, as given on the website, is $4800 full time. So, students who want a stable career in the field of health sciences and earn good salaries, should start by taking part in an accredited program and an accepted institute and Harrison College is definitely in the top medical assistant schools in Ohio.

Medical Assistant Schools In Michigan

Students aspiring to be a part of the medical field through medical assistant program should be happy to know that this particular profession has an auspicious future and experts have predicted rising demand for it in the coming times. There is no shortage of medical assistant schools in Michigan and in fact some of the best schools for medical and healthcare programs are present in the state. Here is a list of schools and colleges that are providing medical assistant programs in Michigan and are known for their comprehensive programs and also for offering only the accredited degree, certificate and diploma programs.

Dorsey Schools

You can’t miss Dorsey Schools while looking for the best medical assistant schools in Michigan for its comprehensive programs and the way it caters to the needs of its students. The school is no new building or institute but was founded in 1934 and it has been nearly 8 decades since it has been serving its students with the best education in all the different professions and fields. They have even dedicated a school for beauty education and just recently opened this school in 2011 in the state of Michigan as well.

The school is also known for having the small class sizes in order to focus on all students equally and so the school makes sure that the classes are not over-stuffed with students. The college has never compromised on the standard of education since its beginning and it is still fully accredited by Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools. Financial aids for students who need support for their medical studies are also available through grants, funds, loans and other financial support means. The medical assistant program is available from the school to help students work side by side with the physicians.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dorsey Schools serves as one of the most affordable Michigan medical assistant schools. The program is offered with all the practical training in the laboratories and simulation environments so the students are prepared for all kinds of situations in the clinic. The cost of the program as mentioned in the catalog of the schools is currently $17,568 which might look high but when you know that all your books and everything is included in this price, it is a fair fee for the program. HEA program loans have helped many students for getting the certification for medical assistant from Dorsey Schools.

Baker College

Known as the largest independent college in Michigan, Baker College has become one of the most renowned medical assistant schools in Michigan. The history of the college is as old as over 100 years starting in the year 1888. Currently, the college is helping students with more than 150 programs in different fields and professions, and preparing some of the ablest and most efficient students in the state. Due to the reputation and history of the college the employers are always readily accepting students who have completed their program from Baker College.

Just like all other aspects, Baker College does not compromise on the quality of education and its significance for the students and obtains full accreditation from Higher Learning Commission. Various degrees and programs have their own accreditation as well, making it even safer and more reliable for the students. The way it has always done the best for its students is clear from the fact that Baker College is only one of the few colleges that are offering online education in Michigan making it possible for students with busy schedules to get education from the comfort of their homes.

So, for students who are looking for medical assistant certification in Michigan, Baker College has to be a topper in the list. The medical assistant program from Baker College gets its own accreditation from Commission on Accreditation Allied Health Education Program. There is a long list of programs that are offered by the college online. There are 11 locations in total where the college is currently offering the medical assistant program. There are some great facts given on the salary packages and future demand for the medical assistants on the website that can greatly help students in knowing the scope of medical assistant program.

Career Quest Learning Centers

Another great entry into the Michigan medical assistant schools that can provide some reliable, trustworthy and recognized studies for medical assistant program is the Career Quest Learning Centers. The programs at this institute are accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. At the moment the institute is covering three major fields for its students: healthcare, information technology and Business. However, there is absolutely no compromise in any of those fields and the quality of education and intensity of the courses is just the same for all of them.

Kalamazoo, Lansing and Jackson are the places where the campuses are currently located so students looking for Medical assistant schools in Michigan shouldn’t have hard time in finding an institute near them for medical assistant program. All the campuses are busy year-round and students can be a part of any program starting after every 6 weeks. Even better is that CQLC is offering morning (regular) classes and evening classes as well. The medical assistant program is a 9-month program at CQLC which is longer than what you will find at most of the other colleges and schools.

120 hours in the program are dedicated to externship so the students can complete the program with confidence of finding a job in any environment; moderate or challenging. What makes the program at CQLC stand out among many other medical assistant programs in Michigan is that this institute offers the program at all 3 of its campuses. Some part of the program takes students through the medical billing and coding training as well, making sure that students are well-versed with the peripheral and lateral knowledge of their profession. The institute is offering a separate medical administrative assistant program to its students as well. The associate degree program includes a medical office administration program too. Student loans and scholarships are available and students can call the help desk to get more information on these.

Medical Assistant Schools In Arizona

If you are looking for information about medical assistant schools in Arizona you are definitely a student with sympathy and compassion for mankind and you want to put that affection to good use. You can definitely do that because this particular career gives you the chance to help your fellow beings through medical services by assisting the physicians and also earns you a good salary so you can make your both ends meet easily and conveniently. Below you will find the details about the best colleges, schools and institutes offering medical assistant programs in Arizona.

Arizona College

On websites where the information has not been updated and old transcripts you will find this college with the name of Arizona College of Allied Health. Arizona College is a highly recommended college offering medical assistant certification in Arizona and facilitating the students with various flexible student services. Students can study here with the peace of mind and assurance that the programs they are studying are fully accredited since the college receives its accreditation from The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. The college is also associated with some big names among which Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education is one.

There are many medical assistant schools in AZ but Arizona College is among those that are offering diplomas, associate degrees and CEUs. Students interested in medical assistant program can take part in medical assistant diploma program or the associate degree. The program offered at the college is comprehensive with laboratory and clinical experiences where students are working in challenging simulation environments to know what situations and circumstances they might have to face as medical assistants. Financial aid is also available for students who need grants, loans and fund to support their medical assistant education.

Among many Arizona medical assistant schools Arizona is the one offering all types of classes to facilitate maximum number of students. There are morning and evening classes for students. A unique and very helpful peer mentor program is also included for all students who want to be medical assistants. After every five weeks there is a new class starting at the college which shows the popularity of medical assistant program of Arizona College. In 30 weeks the student is able to complete the course and sit for the RMA examination to be certified to work as a CMA or RMA and earn a handsome salary for stable future.

Phoenix College

Phoenix College is one of the most reliable platforms for students of Arizona to acquire medical and healthcare education in the state. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the oldest Arizona medical assistant schools that has been around since 1920 so it is not more than 7 years when the college will be celebrating its 100th birthday. The college is also known for stepping with the time in providing education and the proof is its online campus offering 3 degrees to students, right from their homes.

The college is accredited by Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Many of its degrees have the accreditation of their own which certainly proves the high level of education that this college maintains. Considering all the certificates and degrees offered by the college there are more than 150 programs to choose from giving lots of options to thousands of students at any given time. Students are free to apply for different types of student loans and financial aid programs to facilitate their education. The financial aids include the grants, loans, FWS programs and scholarships.

Under the name Medical Assistant the college is actually offering three programs. Just like other medical assistant schools in Arizona Phoenix College also prepares the students for sitting in the American Medical Technologists National Medical Assisting Exam. The total credit hours that need to be completed by the student for completing the medical assistant program at the college are 30 hours. In fact, the student can choose from a 30-credit hours program or one with 27 credit hours. All the required information about the program, its prerequisites and courses that will be completed in the program is given comprehensively on the website for all three medical assistant programs.

Carrington College

Carrington College has its campuses located in various parts of Arizona so students have a lot of choices to choose a campus that is nearer to their location. Carrington College California gets a separate accreditation and thus it has is presented as a separate entity on the website as well. It has been over 30 years now since the colleges have been serving the students with the most latest and industry-accepted education. Carrington College is probably the most convenient to access and trustable institute for medical assistant certification in Arizona.

Carrington College has never compromised on the standard of education and studies for its students and thus to give them a full support in searching for a job and getting credit transfers conveniently it has received accreditation from Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. To make it even better the college has received accreditation for its programs separately too. Students who have always been searching for top medical assistant schools in AZ should definitely commence their medical assistant journey, at Carrington College. Financial aid is available for students in all its varying forms including Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, State-funded programs and Federal Work Study.

The program has been divided into sections to make it easy for the students to understand every stage of the curriculum. There is administrative training at first and then followed by clinical training and externship. The externship of the program is a 240 hour long externship providing ample training to the students to get ready for the clinical practice. The length of the program and sections of the program can vary from campus to campus. Being one of the most reliable medical assistant programs in Arizona it should always be on top priority for the students of Arizona for getting medical assistant training.